Hezbollah MP Calls for Immediate Investigation of Jiyyeh Crime

Ansariyeh, martyr Sanaa Al-Jundi’s hometown, mourned on Thursday the martyr in a ceremony attended by the locals and member of the Loyalty to Resistance bloc MP Hasan Ezzeddine and member of the Development and Liberation bloc MP Hasan Qubeisi.

Hasan Shalhoub and Sanaa Al-Jundi are two southerners who were heading to Beirut when bandits in Jiyyeh attacked their car, causing their death.

A footage captured by surveillance cameras showed clearly how bandits in Jiyyeh area early Monday committed the horrific crime which claimed the two martyrs Hussein Shalhoub and Sanaa Al-Jundi.

The footage shows how the bandits had earlier put iron barriers on the highway which links Beirut to the South and stoned the car boarded by the two martyrs and Shalhoub’s daughter who was injured in the attack.

The video also displays how Shalhoub sped up to surpass the barriers before his car caught fire from his burnt tires put deliberately on the roads by the bandits. Consequently, the car was set ablaze.

MP Ezzeddine stressed that the security services can conduct an immediate investigation and unveil the truth of Jiyyeh crime, calling on the caretaker government to bear the responsibility of coping with the current crisis in Lebanon.

MP Qubeissi condemned blocking highways across Lebanon, stressing that Beirut-South road was reopened by forces upon liberating most of the territories occupied by the Zionist enemy.


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