Sheikh Naim Qassem: Solutions to Get out of Current Crisis Known, Don’t Waste Time!

Hezbollah Deputy Chief Sheikh Naim Qassem said the crisis in Lebanon has become more harmful to people on financial, livelihood and social levels, warning that every single day in vacuum makes the situation harder.

He stressed that solutions to get out of the crisis are well known, warning: “Options are not open, don’t waste time!”

“It is no more acceptable to rely on the game of time in a bid to press and impose their own conditions regarding the formation of the new government,” he said referring to some political parties who are hindering the formation of the new government.

In this context Sheikh Qassem called for deciding on the figure who will head the new government, warning that wasting time leaves negative consequences on people and the economic situation.

“The people’s demands are legitimate and we are part of these people and work in order to meet these demands.”

He, meanwhile, stressed that as the people have the right to demonstrate, blocking roads and hindering roads “is not acceptable and cannot be the solution.”

Sheikh Qassem denounced the attack which killed citizens Hussein Shalhoub and his relative Sanaa Al-Jundi who were martyred in an attack on their car as they were heading to Beirut from their southern town last Monday (November 25).

“Martyrdom of Hussein Shalhoub and Sanaa Al-Jundi due to roads cut-off amounts to crime. Enough to this way of protests that affects no one but the people,” Sheikh Qassem said.

In this context, Sheikh Qassem called on the Lebanese Army to bear its responsibility in securing the roads for Lebanese citizens.


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