We want to combat corruption in Lebanon: Hezbollah MP Raad

Head of Hezbollah Parliamentary bloc, Hajj Mohammad Raad, stressed that the party may never be strong-armed, adding that the badly-needed anti-corruption movement must have a clear and well-trusted leadership.

Speaking on a ceremony held in Nabatiyeh to mark Hezbollah Martyr’s Day, MP Raad stressed that the martyrs are the ones who created the sovereign atmosphere in which every change or reform seeker and every anti-corruption protester can be active, adding that the party has followed the anti-corruption policy in order to cope with the socioeconomic woes of the country.

“We share the goal of combating corruption, lifting immunity off corrupts and recovering stolen funds… with all the honest people who rose up and took to the streets… but we want others to respect our experience and realize that their movement is within the atmosphere provided to them by our martyrs, mujahideen and heroes,” MP Raad went on to say.

Hezbollah lawmaker also warned the protest movement against launching arbitrary accusations or hurling insults against icons, especially those related to the leadership of the purest, most honorable and noblest people.

“We want to combat corruption, we respect others’ experience and we are keen on the success of their experience, and we warn them that someone might infiltrate their movement to take them into a course that would plunge the country into the wishes of the enemies,” MP Raad added.


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