Hezbollah Threats, Israel provide anti-missile protection to 20 key sites

The Israeli army’s ‘Home’ Front Command plans to provide anti-missile protection to 20 key sites throughout the country, amid concern among the military officials that Hezbollah will target them, according to Haaretz paper.

“Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah may order strikes on strategic sites in ‘Israel’ in order to weaken Israel’s fighting capability and obtain a propaganda victory.”

Haaretz recalled the ‘state’ comptroller’s report in 2016 which indicated the flaws in existing protections, adding that the ‘Home’ Front Command has mapped out strategic sites that could be attack targets.

“According to the command, damage to these sites could bring daily life to a halt for a lengthy period of time during an emergency.”

The Zionist military has decided to shield several sites in every part of the entity, according to the paper which added that at these sites, the military will construct walls made of reinforced concrete, strengthen ceilings and install blast-proof doors and anti-shrapnel protection.

(Sayyed) Nasrallah recently mentioned strategic sites in ‘Israel’ that would be targeted by Hezbollah, the Israeli paper added.

“In a television interview, (Sayyed) Nasrallah presented a map of Israel and said that Hezbollah can cause massive damage.”

“According to (Sayyed) Nasrallah, the coastal area between Netanya and Ashdod is ‘the most strategic area. This area included sites like the airport, weapons depots, the Tel Aviv and Ashdod ports, and more.’ In the interview, held to mark 13 years since the Second Lebanon War, Nasrallah said Hezbollah has significantly increased its capabilities. ‘We have more advanced offensive weapons, in terms of both quality and quantity,’ he said. ‘We have precision missiles and drones’.”


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