Iraqi forces arrest over 20 Daesh members in Nineveh

Security services have arrested more than twenty Daesh (ISIS/IS) members in several operations in Nineveh province, while weapons and explosives were seized in their possession, security sources said on Saturday.

Cap. Amir Watheq, from Nineveh police, said, “security troops arrested eight self-declared Islamic State members, possessing hand grenades in Makhmur, southeast of Mosul.”

“Troops cordoned off the area, where the militants were hiding and invaded their houses, then took them to Nineveh Operations Command headquarters for investigations.”

All hand grenades, in their possession, were confiscated.

In related news, Col. Khodier Saleh, of the Federal Police, said, “security services arrested an IS cell, composed of 15 members, which was planning to to attack troops deployed in western Mosul.”

“The cell members, were possessing weapons. All were arrested inside a tunnel,” he added.


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