We hope to work on the Iraq Kuwait framework as soon as possible

hakimPresident of the Islamic Supreme Council of Ammar al-Hakim that the convening of the Arab Summit in Baghdad at the end of next March was “an important message launched by the Arab brothers to support and entrusting the ongoing political process in Iraq.”

He said in a statement during his visit to the city of Karbala yesterday: “The Arab summit held in Baghdad at the end of March is an important  message launched by the Arab brothers to support and entrusting the ongoing political process in Iraq and the increasing openness of the Iraqi reality.”

He continued: “I think that the Arab brothers understand the importance of this openness and this communication and the message that began with the launch by sending Prime Minister of Kuwait and the Arab foreign ministers to many of the sister States.”

Hakim said: “There is determination and the desire of the Arab leaders to participate, as we have heard statements and positions they have displayed clear to President Talabani.”

On the Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations, said: “There are many meetings to get with the delegations of Arab, Islamic and Western part of supporting the political process, and therefore, these contacts are continuing and Iraq is part of the Arab world and international levels”.

And went on: “So it must be built good-neighborly relations with all neighboring countries, and the measures taken by the Iraqi government recently to determine its position on some outstanding issues between Iraq and Kuwait and the position we have seen of the Kuwaiti leadership in dealing with this subject, a relationship Iraq and Kuwait in a new climate and a new framework, and we hope to deal with these files as soon as possible.

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