Famous executioner in ISIS propaganda footages killed in Nineveh

Abu Sayyaf, a prominent ISIS executioner, was reported dead on Sunday after a group of gunmen attacked his car in Nineveh Governorate, in northwestern Iraq.

Abu Sayyaf had beheaded hundreds of people in front of the camera. He was one of the main executioners in ISIS ranks and has appeared in several propaganda footages published by the Takfiri group.

“He was found dead in the Dawassah District west of Mosul city in Nineveh Governorate on Sunday evening,” local media activist Abdullah al-Mallah.

The source reported that a group of anonymous gunmen opened fire on Abu Sayyaf’s car in Dawassah District. “He was killed along with another militant who was accompanying him during the attack.”

“The ISIS-led Hisba Police was unable to identify the perpetrators,” al-Mallah said.

Muhammad Yawar, an Iraqi journalist, also confirmed Abu Sayyaf’s death on Sunday.

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