Zionism is behind recent explosions in Iraq and Pakistan

Ramin MehmanparastIranian Foreign Ministry spokesman slammed recent explosions and extrismit movement in Iraq and Pakistan. Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Ramin Mehmanparast slammed recent explosions and extremist movement in Iraq and Pakistan, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA). Recently more people have been killed in a series of terrorist bomb attacks in Shia-dominated areas in Iraq and Pakistan. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attacks and there has been a surge in the number of attacks against Shia Muslims in Iraq and Pakistan over the past months. Regarding these foresaid lines, Mehmanparast in an exclusive interview with TNA reporter underlined, “Recent terroristic attracts and extremist movements in Iraq and Pakistan indicated to a sedition which is after meeting the interests of the regime of Zionism.” The political face slammed the recent terroristic measures and massacre in the two countries of Pakistan and Iraq stating that those who are behind such extremist movements are after the agents of the regime of Zionism and are after fulfilling the aim of the regime. “The aim behind such kind of attack is increasing dispersion in the region, creating instability and chaos in the Middle East,” Mehmanparast underscored. He went on, “These terroristic groups targeted the Shia populations and communities and it seems that they are after increasing dispersion and showdown among Shia and Suni people.” Ramin Mehmanparast highlighted the duty of Islamic governments in this regard and pointed out, “it is incumbent upon the Islamic government to stand against such ominous phenomena and try to rooted out such inhuman and extremist movement.” Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman underlined, “Such attacks and extremist measures are actually plots hatched by the Israeli groups and agents.” In other part of his speech, the political analyst pointed to the recent trip of Iran Foreign Minister, Ali Akbar Salehi to Iraq and said this political face went to Karbala so as to participate in the unveiling ceremony of the new holy shine of Imam Khussein (PBUH). “On the sideline of his trip, Salehi also will religious Iraqi scholars and elites and probably negotiate with political faces in this country,” he mentioned. “We are optimistic toward the political maturity of Iraqi groups and we hope that they detect machinations hatched by the enemies and make a move for foiling them,” Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman underscored. Mehmanparast also pointed to the expansion of Israeli settlement in Palestine and their sacrilegious act toward the holy book of Quran or Islamic rules and instructions. He underscored,” Israel is the main thread for security and stability in the region and Iran’s position in this regard is completely clear.” “People of Palestine should be able to decide for their future and control the ffairs of their country freely,” Mehmanparast mentioned. Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman concluded, “Any movement led to solving the Palatine crisis will be supported by the Gods’ help and mercy.”

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