Iran says US not qualified to defend human rights

iran high councilHigh Council of Human Rights of the Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran said on Sunday that the US, having dark inhumane record internationally, can not be the so-called advocate of human rights.

The Council’s statement was released on the eve of the World Human Rights Day, December 10.

It said that the World Human Rights Day provides a valuable opportunity to unveil real image of the west in connection with human rights.

“Human rights universality should not be interpreted as dictation of the ideology of a group on other nations, rather it should be taken as a medium to guarantee rights of all nations and cultures in a fair global contribution.”

The Council then voiced regret at human rights violations by the US and the other western governments.

Addressing the UN Human Rights Council, it said, “The human rights organizations should stop defending dirty terrorism methods under the guise of human rights.”

The statement then said present human rights documents and the mechanisms of investigating into the case suffer many shortcomings internationally. The flaws, it added, have provided western governments and winners of the World War II with the chance in the past several decades to expand their hegemony and dictate the secular-liberal ideology to the world.

It said the current human rights yardstick fails to reserve a space for different cultures, especially Islamic culture which has its roots in religious injunctions and beliefs of more than 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide.

It added that political campaign of the US and other western governments to oppose Islamic injunctions and the blessed Islamic rulings under the guise of defending human rights should be treated as a big injustice to human rights worldwide and to all human cultures.

The statement reaffirmed Iranian commitment to human rights and said that the Islamic Republic of Iran has in all international spheres been actively contributing to human rights and would continue to do so in the future.

It expressed abhorrence to the ongoing abuses of human rights and said that the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to exercise active and constructive cooperation with other nations for theoretical and practical development of human rights.

The statement called for relying on the progressive and savior injunctions of Islam.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that current human rights criteria and related international mechanisms suffer from acute shortcomings.

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