Leader Stresses Scientific Jihad

Aytullah-khameiniLeader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenei has described the University in Iran as the driving force of progress, emphasizing that if a nation seeks dignity, power, capital and independence, the key lies in strengthening universities all across the country.

According to the Shiite News,’In a meeting with hundreds of university professors and lecturers of higher educational centres last night, he noted the importance of universities in promoting the country’s dignity and power and reiterated that Iran is in need of a scientific Jihad in all arenas.

The Leader pointed to hurdles in the way of higher scientific achievements and said: “The meaning of Jihad in Islamic culture refers to efforts in every field in order to surpass such hurdles.”

He considered the scientific monopoly of a few industrialized states as amongst the barriers in the way of further progress, and called for “development of indigenous talents to overcome such barriers.”

Ayatollah Khamenei referred to the glorious record of the Muslim nation of Iran in scientific and cultural fields, coupled with the Iranian people’s keen awareness and talents as excellent grounds for scaling the higher pinnacles of science and knowledge.

He added: “The Islamic Revolution has inspired the country’s scientific progress with a true feeling of awareness and ability.”

The Leader also pointed to the necessity of revision of the science of humanity in Iran and the right way of debates with the West’s concept of humanities, adding that: “university and Islamic seminary professors should make their presence felt in this field by coming up with illuminating solutions.”

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