Leader urges Muslims’ aid for Pakistan

Leader-Ali-KhaminaiThe Leader of the Islamic Revolution has criticized international organizations for failing to administer aid to flooded Pakistan, urging Muslims’ quick assistance to help recover the country.

“Unfortunately, international organizations have not carried out their duties well to render services to disaster-stricken people, which itself needs to be analyzed and scrutinized,” Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenei said in a statement on Tuesday.

The Leader called on all Muslims across the world to join hands in helping flood-hit Pakistanis.

“We are obliged to fulfill our duties and rush to help our devastated brothers and sisters,” the Leader said.

More than 1,600 Pakistanis have lost their lives in the floods that have hit nearly one fifth of the country. The UN says more than 17 million Pakistanis have been affected, as five million people have been made homeless as a result of the unprecedented floods.

The situation caused by the floods is worsening as hunger, lack of hygiene and drinking water, and the threat of an epidemic have put lives of many Pakistanis at risk.

The flooding is considered the worst in the country’s history.


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