Leader: Students among the best strata of the society

student-with-leaderLeader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, in a meeting last night with thousands of university students stressed that students are among the best strata of the society and officials are obliged to provide answers to the queries of this right-minded and motivated stratum.

He emphasized the fruitful interaction of Iranian students with the popular and academic circles of other countries for spread of the  message of the Islamic Revolution, saying useful works have been done concerning links with other nations but if students have wide and well planned presence, it will be more useful.

The Leader termed as necessary the capability of students for analyzing and adopting stances on key issues of the country such the trilateral Tehran Declaration for nuclear fuel swap, the illegal UN Security Council resolutions against the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the unilateral US and European sanctions.

He stated that the enemies of the Iranian nation are in the state of decline while Iran is on its ascendance, pointing out that “despite all enemy plots, this nation has been marching ahead over the past 32 years, and with faith in God and self-determination, will continue to steam ahead on this glorious path.”


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