Ayatullah Khameni warns the US administration

Aytullah_Khaminai_warningThe Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenei referred to US officials’ apparent inclination to negotiate with Iran, while underlining that experience shows whenever the US officials sit round the negotiating table and fall short of logic, they resort to strong-arm tactics and unilaterally cut-off negotiations. The Leader further referred to Iran’s two experiences in talks with the US, namely talks about  Iraq, and negotiations about the so-called importation security matters as clear examples of this fact.

He said this In a meeting with President Ahmadinejad and a number of Islamic system’s officials on Wednesday, the Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei elaborated on the reasons behind three decades of Global Arrogance’s hostilities and conspiracies against the Iranian nation and noted that the Zionist regime’s and US opposition against Iran is a fundamental opposition, based on negation of the existence of the Islamic establishment.

The US officials and the Zionist lobby have launch ballyhoo and disinformation campaigns against Iran in the international arena, and are making strenuous efforts to level unfounded allegations in a futile bid to somehow portray Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities as a threat against peace and security. This propaganda campaign is in line with the US Iranophobia campaign and psychological warfare against Iran, which are based on negation of the existence of the Islamic system. In the view of the Leader of Islamic Revolution imposition of economic pressures, military threats, psychological warfare, subversive measures inside the country, imposition of futile sanctions, and issuance of resolutions are parts of the US recurring sinister approaches in the past three decades. The US and the Zionist lobby, in a vicious circle, are intent to somehow misrepresent the Islamic Republic of Iran; and to attain this illegitimate goal, they have applied all options including imposition of economic sanctions, abduction of Iranian nuclear scientists, and issuance of unjustified resolutions at United Nations Security Council (UNSC). Meanwhile, all the mendacious claims of the West against Iran have been parts of a disinformation and propaganda campaign. Hence, Iran does not trust American statesmen and does not believe in negotiations under the shadow of threats and pressures. In regard to Iran’s nuclear issue, the US officials have adopted contradictory stances. They say that they consider usage of nuclear energy as the Iranian nation’s right. But, whenever this right is to be implemented within the framework of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), and Iran starts the uranium enrichment process with the usage of indigenous know-how for provision of the nuclear fuel needed by power stations and research reactor, under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the US officials practically take steps against the advancement and progress of the Iranian nation. The behavior of US statesmen goes to show that they intend to achieve their ominous goals under the shadow of threats, and sanctions and to browbeat the Iranian nation into relinquishing its unquestionable rights. But, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s nation and officials do not forego their inalienable rights. With emphasis on this principled stance, the Leader of Islamic Revolution referred to US military threats and pointed out that: “It is highly unlikely that they would do such a foolish thing. But, let everyone know that even if they actually carry out these threats, the Iranian nation will respond decisively, and our response would not be limited to this region alone, but in fact would cover a much larger region.”


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