Grand Shia Cleric: U.S. is Silent Toward Saudi Mistreatment of Shias

Ayatollah-Makarem-ShiraziGrand Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi says the U.S. which claims to be an upholder of human rights in the world is oblivious toward the mistreatment of Shias in Saudi Arabia.

The U.S. government or its Congress react when a person from a perverted denomination is arrested in Iran, but they remain indifferent  to the Saudi Arabians’ mistreatment of Shias, Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi stated on Sunday.

The ayatollah also criticized Saudi Arabian officials for their indecent manner towards the Shias.

The Saudi Arabian government should learn from Iran to behave properly toward Shias as Sunnis are treated with courtesy in the Islamic Republic, Makarem Shirazi said on Sunday.

There was a place in Medina where the Shias used to say prayers, but it was unfortunately closed by the Saudi government, he lamented.

Sunnis have a mosque, school and even a lawmaker in Iran, he said, asking but why Saudi Arabia mistreats Shias?

“These (Shias) are from your country and have been living there for hundreds of years and they have a right. Why do you treat them like this?”

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