Pakistani Shias honored Iranian Martyrs in Shilamcheh

shalamcheh-42Pakistani pilgrims renewed their fealty with the martyrs with their attendance on the shrines of martyrs of Shilamcheh (west of Iran) on 15th Shaban.

caravan of young Pakistani pilgrims renewed his fealty with the real waiters of Imam e Zaman (AJF) through their presence on the shrines of the martyrs of Iran on last day.

Pakistani young pilgrims sprinkled scent on the shrine of the martyrs of Shilamcheh (west of Iran) and read the supplication of “Faraj Qaim e All e Muhammad (PBUH).”

Shalamcheh (Persian: Ø´ÙŽÙ„ÙŽÙ…Ú†Ù‡ ) is a town located in Khuzestan Province, Iran. It is situated on the border with Iraq, northwest of the city of Abadan.That was one of the main sites of Iraqi invasion to Iran in Iraq-Iran war


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