Iran will announce final elections results on tuesday

Iran’s Interior Ministry said the final results of the Friday parliamentary and Assembly of Experts Elections will be declared on Tuesday, although results of final vote counts in smaller towns and cities will be declared on Saturday and Sunday.

Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli told a press conference in Tehran on Saturday that the results of 70% to 80% of polling stations will be announced by Saturday night.

“We will start announcing the (partial) results of the Tehran electorate tonight,” he said, but stressed that nationwide vote counting and declaration of the final results will take place on Tuesday as final elections results in Tehran will not end any sooner than Monday.
Ramani Fazli noted that over 60% of all eligible voters took part in the elections, and over 53,000 polling stations were set up for some 54,915,024 eligible people to vote.

According to the interior ministry, a sum of 6,229 candidates were cleared to compete for the 290-seat legislature but 729 of them withdrew from candidacy. More than 5,500 carried out the final registration to run in the race. Candidates from all the three major camps, the Principlists, Moderates and Reformists were present in the race.

On Friday, voters went to the polls to elect 88 jurisprudential experts out of more than 800 prospective candidates for the 5th Assembly of Experts.

The winning candidates of the Assembly of Experts’ next term, lasting until 2024, possibly might have to choose the next Supreme Leader of Iran, or at the very least plan for it.


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