US seeks to maintain Israel’s superiority by supporting terrorism, Takfirism

“Imam Khomeini considered [the capture of the Den of Spies] move as a second revolution,” Qom’s Friday prayers leader said adding that “these three events provide common ground in the fight against the global arrogance, which is led by the criminal United States and these three anniversaries must be maintained by all Iranians.”

He made the remarks during his Friday prayer sermon delivered to a large and fervent crowd of believers in Qom’s Holy Shrine of Lady Fatimah al-Ma’sumah.

The Iranian scholar stressed that the anti-arrogant spirit of the Iranian nation Iranian must reach the ears of all the people of the world so that they realize that the discourse of the Islamic Revolution is still alive as is the hatred of the US.

He explained that the enemies seek to invalidate Iran’s policies and diplomacy, by claiming that Iran supports terrorism, abuses human rights and is undemocratic. These are “tricks” because for Iran, politics and diplomacy are inseparable and intertwined with our religion and beliefs.

His Eminence said that the US has not been able to resolve the many problems and crises in the Middle East, including in Yemen, Iraq and Syria and that their strategy in the region is through launching proxy wars and supporting Takfiri groups, such as ISIL.

He stressed that these are attempts at changing the political geography of the region and dividing nations by fomenting ethnic and religious conflicts to create a new form of polarity in the Middle East which maintains the superiority of the Zionist regime and puts pressure on the independent states of the region, such as the Islamic Republic of Iran, in order to change their behaviour and structure.

The revered Iranian scholar added that Iran’s strategy to maintain and enhance its deterrence against the enemies and this has been exemplified by the recent announcement of the successful test-firing of the country’s new precision-guided long-range ballistic missile “Emad.”

Hujjat al-Islam Sa’idi said that for Iran, internal unity and solidarity against the imperialist powers is very important, adding that some think that unity means offering concessions to the US but “this is the interpretation of the enemy, another one of Iran’s strategies is to create a new regional order focusing on the Islamic Resistance and pure Muhammadan Islam.”

He added that Iran seeks to accelerate the deterioration and destruction of the Zionist regime and prevent the presence and influence of the US in Iran and in the region and maintain its dignity, wisdom and expediency.

Qom’s Friday prayer leader stated that the US does not seek any goodwill for Islam or for the Islamic ummah, and does not want Iran to progress, have dignity, economic and intellectual independence or practice Islamic values.


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