Iran-Saudi political relations not to affect Hajj pilgrimage

Representative of the Supreme Leader for Hajj and Pilgrimage Affairs Hujjat al-Islam Seyed Ali Qazi-Askar warned the Hajj pilgrims against enemy plots regarding the Hajj pilgrimage saying: “The Hajj pilgrimage shouldn’t be affected by the political relations of Iranian and the Saudi government.”

Qazi-Asgar called on pilgrims to “act wisely in dealing with the poisonous atmosphere made by the enemies against Iranian and Shiite Hajj pilgrims” and to “avoid any reaction that might lead to any sectarian conflict and division.”

“This year 64,000 pilgrims will be sent to Mecca from Iran including 3,000 people in charge of public services,” he said adding that “a 20 percent decrease in quotas of all Islamic countries for sending pilgrims to Saudi Arabia as declared by the Riyadh government is due to ongoing development projects in Mecca and Medina,”

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