Citizens’ role in acceptane of Islamic government important

Speaking during his series of televised lectures broadcast during Ramadan, Grand Ayatollah Hoseyn Nouri-Hamadani emphasized that Muslims should study general world history and the history of Islam and analyse historical trends.

Ayatollah Nouri-Hamadani said that after the death of the Prophet Muhammad (S) some individuals deviated from Islam and introduced false concepts. As a result of this deviation and the lack of support of the people for the caliphate of Imam Ali (A), the divinely appointed caliphate was taken from him, and only after twenty-five years it was returned to him, but due to the policies of Mu’awiyah during this period, the Muslim community was distanced from true Islamic culture.

His Eminence added that due to the empty promises of Mu’awiyah, the people were deceived and became scattered from Imam Hasan’s (A) teachings. The imam was forced to make peace with Mu’awiyah by signing a peace treaty with him. However, Imam Hasan (A) ever paid allegiance to Mu’awiyah.

He emphasized the difference between the conditions of the era of Imam Hasan (A) under Mu’awiyah and the conditions of Imam Husayn (A) under Yazid, saying that Mu’awiyah did not seek allegiance from Imam Hasan but Yazid sought allegiance from Imam Husayn. “Imam Husayn did not accept the actions of the Umayyads and did not pay allegiance to Yazid,” he explained.

The revered source of emulation stated that the role of the citizens in the formation and acceptance of the government is important, adding that the Umayyad and Abbasid dynasties rode the waves of various events and stole the government from its legitimate leaders, the infallible and divinely-appointed Imams. However, their rule was not accepted by the people and they had no legitimacy.
Ayatollah Nouri-Hamadani pointed out the features of a legitimate government in Islamic teachings, saying that only the government of the Prophet Muhammad (S), the Imam (A) and deputy of the Imam (A) is considered legitimate in Islam. Such that the people of Iran answered the call of Imam Khomeini (RA) and fought and struggled to form an Islamic government based on the system of Wilayat al-Faqih (Guardianship of the Jurisprudent). Now, the people still support the guardianship of the Islamic system of governance with all their ability.

In conclusion, the renowned scholar stated some people advised Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq (A) to rise up against the illegitimate caliphate, but he knew that people would not support such resistance and said to one of his companions: “If I had the same number of soldiers as I have livestock, I could rise up against the caliphate.” His companion replied: “I counted the [true soldiers], there are no more than seventeen.”

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