Limitless, non-conventional inspections on Iran’s army facilities not to be allowed

During his Friday prayer sermon in Qom, Ayatollah Ali-Reza Arafi referred to the specific and important characteristics of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran – which include strong faith and reliance on God, being under the command of a just and courageous jurist leader (Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei), having the experience of the Holy Defence against Saddam’s forces and their amazing and advanced knowledge of martial arts and weaponry.

His Eminence emphasized that Iran’s enemies know that the country’s armed forces are so powerful that in the event of a conflict and aggression, they will regret their actions against the country. Iran is a country of logic and has a culture of dialogue but will not surrender.

Limitless inspection of Iran’s sensitive facilities not to be allowed

Referring to Iran’s negotiations with the P5+1 group of countries over Iran’s nuclear program, Qom’s Friday prayers’ leader said the Islamic Republic of Iran showed the world their logic and rationality, reminding that Iran is negotiating with the United States, a country known over the past fifty years for creating more than 100 wars and a country who’s blood has stained the world.

He referred to a statement by Imam Khomeini that the US is the most hated government in the world, and stated: “Today as well, the Iranian nation are still inspired by the statements of their honourable leader when he says that the US is the most dishonourable and the most hated government in the world.”

Ayatollah Arafi explained that Iran will not compromise on the honour and dignity of its Islamic Revolution to the P5+1 negotiating team for sanctions relief, saying: “They must comply with Iran’s principles and red lines to advance the negotiations. Also, the noble Iranian nation will not allow limitless and non-conventional inspections on its nuclear and army facilities to its enemies.”

“On the birthday of Imam Husayn, the slogan of the Iranian nation has been inspired by the message of Ashura: ‘Woe unto the wretched!’” he stressed.

Saudis tormenting Yemeni people

The member of the Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom also referred to the developments in the region said that the continuing Saudi aggression on Yemen and their prevention of the arrival of humanitarian aid to the country, adding that Saudi Arabia is tormenting the innocent people of this impoverished Arab country. “The path that the House of Saud has taken is to the detriment of themselves and to Islamic society,” he explained.

Ayatollah Arafi added that unfortunately, some preachers on the Saudi payroll are supporting the Takfiri movement and the infanticidal actions and crimes of the House of Saud in Yemen, Syria and Iraq.


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