Attacks on Gaza hospitals yet another manifestation of Israeli brutality, Iran

The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry has strongly condemned the Israeli military attacks on hospitals and medical centers across the Gaza Strip, terming the raid as yet another manifestation of the Tel Aviv regime’s brutality against Palestinians in the besieged territory.

“After the failure of the Israeli regime authorities to prove their false claims on al-Shifa hospital, its army resumed its attacks on other hospitals in Gaza.”

“Attacks on Jordan & Indonesian hospitals were yet another manifestation of the regime’s aggression and brutality,” Nasser Kan’ani wrote in a post published on X on Saturday.

He underscored that attacking hospitals “is in conflict with all standards of human rights, international law and Geneva Conventions,” stating that such a move “makes the criminal nature of this regime (Israel) even more obvious to the world.”

This comes as Israel’s raid on al-Shifa Hospital is continuing, with four premature babies now pronounced dead, and five more described as being in critical condition.

Medical officials say there is not a “single drop of water” inside the hospital.

Meanwhile, a medical source inside al-Shifa Hospital says Israeli forces have given everyone at al-Shifa Hospital – including doctors, patients and displaced people – an hour to evacuate the medical compound.

General manager for the Palestinian Ministry of Health, Munir al-Barsh, also said that Israeli forces had removed 15 bodies from a mass grave, with a total of around 130 bodies taken from the hospital. He did not know where the bodies were taken to.

According to medical officials, most intensive care patients who were on ventilators in al-Shifa Hospital have now died due to lack of oxygen and fuel.

A total of 25 hospitals have now been rendered out of service as a result of Israeli bombardment and a lack of fuel and electricity.


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