Iranian, Russian, Chinese forces intercept, shoot at aerial targets in joint naval drill

Naval forces from the Islamic Republic of Iran, Russia and China have practiced shooting at aerial targets during a nighttime operation over an area in the Sea of Oman, where the three countries are carrying out large-scale maritime maneuvers involving various divisions of their military forces.

The spokesman for the joint exercise, dubbed ‘naval security belt combined war game 2023’, stated that launching overnight strikes against hostile aerial targets was among the main tactics of the naval drill, which Iranian, Russian and Chinese forces successfully practiced late on Thursday.

Participants in the joint drill, including units from the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy and flotillas from China and Russia, practiced attacks on various aircraft in close coordination and in accordance with a common tactical language, Rear Admiral Mostafa Tajoddini said.

Meanwhile, Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Shahram Irani told Press TV that maritime security chiefly forms the basis of the joint naval drill, emphasizing that Iranian naval forces attach paramount significance to the safety of maritime navigation throughout the world.

“The focus of the first day of the naval security belt combined war game 2023 was on coordination, cooperation, rescue of vessels that have fallen prey to pirate attacks and how to counter acts of terror,” he said.

The Iranian Navy chief went on to describe combating maritime terrorism as one of the primary objectives of the naval drill, saying, “Presently, the unjustifiable presence of some foreign military forces continues to pose challenges to the region. The issue had to be addressed and handled. Therefore, all available military means, both in terms of watercraft and aircraft, were utilized and all designed drills were successfully exercised.”

Iranian naval forces, together with their Chinese and Russian counterparts, have held several joint war games in recent years with the purpose of improving the security of international maritime trade, countering piracy and maritime terrorism, exchange of information in naval rescue and relief operations, and exchange of operational and tactical experiences.


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