Iran’s President Raisi Meets Shia, Sunni Clerics of Kurdistan

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi held talks with Sunni and Shia clerics in Kurdistan Province during his one-day trip to the western region on Thursday.

Raisi met the clerics after congregational prayers at noon.

During the talks, the clerics spoke about their issues of concern and raised their demands. The president listened to them patiently and issued required orders to address their problems.

Before that meeting, Raisi met with the families of some of the victims of the recent unrest in Kurdistan, including the families of the security forces killed in the violence.

He said that security is a red line for the Islamic Republic, adding that all those who have caused trouble for people during the recent riots should be brought to justice.

The president also said that the same movement, which has always been hostile to the Islamic Republic and tried to create insecurity in Kurdistan during the beginning years after the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, tried to misuse the recent events to again target the security in the province.

But the movement failed in its attempts due to resistance by the people of Kurdistan province, Raisi added.

The following video shows President Raisi performing prayers attended by Sunni and Shia clerics and inspecting a popular market in the province.

Also, during his trip to Kurdistan, President Raisi inaugurated the project to supply drinkable water to the provincial capital Sanandaj.

The project, which transfers water from Azad Dam to the purification facility in the city, was completed over a course of 20 months.

It is among mega water projects that Raisi’s administration is conducting in urban areas.


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