Secret Document on US-UK-Israeli Intelligence Coordination against Iran

The central spy department of the Zionist military intelligence (Aman), Unit 8200, have collaborated with two American and British intelligence services in order to spy on the Islamic Republic, the Zionist daily Haaretz reported Sunday.

The Zionist paper revealed a “highly confidential” document issued by the US Agency for National Security, and leaked by former agent Edward Snowden two weeks ago, talking about the cooperation to spy on the Iranian administration.

Haaretz said the document was written in April 2013, and partly documented the common intelligence activities between the United States, Britain and the Zionist entity against Iran.

According to the leaked document, the first three-member talks was held when experts from the Zionist Unit 8200 and the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) met in an “assessment workshop” to discuss issued relating to the Iranian leadership, in January of 2013.

The document showed that the British intelligence had supported communication with Unit 8200 and the US National Security Agency against “the Iranian target.”

However, the US agency opposed extensive relationships, expressing beliefs that such coordination is exceptional and doesn’t signify changing trends.

During the workshop, Unit 8200 learned information gathered by the US and the UK intelligence services.

The document indicated that the British-American espionage operations have achieved “accomplishments” regarding the talks between the six world powers and Iran over its nuclear program, as well as the attack on the UK embassy in Tehran in 2012 and the discovery of virus “Flame” by the Islamic Republic the same year. This has prompted the Americans and the British to set up a new emergency plan to prevent an outbreak of a new crisis with Iran.


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