Iranian commander: Our air defenses fully protect Iran’s entire airspace

A senior Iranian military commander says the country’s air defenses work as an integrated network, which provides full protection for Iran’s entire airspace, guaranteeing complete security for all authorized aircraft.

Brigadier General Qader Rahimzadeh, commander of the country’s Khatam al-Anbia Air Defense Base, which serves to coordinate air defense activities between Iran’s Army and Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), made the remarks to the Iran Press news agency on Monday.

“Iran’s air defense systems are connected in the form of a network,” he said, noting that this has guaranteed “security and power” throughout the country’s skies.

“We have managed to create safe, secure, and calm skies for the aircraft that are allowed to cross the country’s airspace,” Rahimzadeh noted.

The commander put the accomplishment down to the airbase’s “good, close, and harmonized” cooperation with the country’s aeronautical sector.

He also said the achievement had been made while following standing international standards.

‘We can’

Iran’s Armed Forces have attained the highest level of advancement, despite the country’s being targeted by the United States’ illegal sanctions, the official said.

By scoring the success, the forces had “truly realized the slogan, ‘We can,’” he said.

Across the air defense field, the advancement has seen the country’s elites and scientists produce “the most accurate missile and radar systems,” noted the commander.

In line with replenishment of its capabilities, the country has also enhanced its air defense equipment such as detection, engagement, operation, intelligence gathering, and electronic warfare systems, upgrading them “in proportion to [existing] threats,” the commander said.


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