Ayatollah Noori Hamaedadni condemns brutal killing of Pakistani Shiite miners

Top Shia jurisprudent in Iran has issued a message to condemn the killing of Pakistani Muslim miners by Daesh terrorists calling for an end to such crimes.

Ayatollah Hussein Noori Hamedani, prominent Shia jurisprudent has slammed the recent brutal killing of 11 coal miners in a terror attack claimed by Daesh terrorists urging the Pakistani authorities and international organizations to condemn the brutal attack.

“Pakistani authorities, international organizations and human rights bodies should condemn the move, punish the perpetrators and prevent similar incidents” wrote the top cleric in his message.

Senior jurisprudent expressed sympathy with Pakistani nation over the killing of nearly a dozen coal miners by Daesh terrorists.

A group of assailants have kidnapped and killed 11 Pakistani coal miners in Machh, an area 17 kilometers east of Quetta, Balochistan Province. Muslims from across the country have staged a week of protests condemning the crime.

Bodies of the slain miners were buried in a massive funeral ceremony held in Quetta on Sunday following promises by authorities to arrest and punish the attackers as well as boosting security for the Hazara Shia Muslims.

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