President Rouhani: US Plots against Iran Have Failed

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stressed on Thursday in the opening ceremony of four major water and electricity projects in the three provinces of Kermanshah, East Azerbaijan, and Ardabil that US plots against the Islamic Republic of Iran have failed.

President Rouhani appreciated the efforts made in the water and electricity sector and noted that almost all Iranians in cities and more than 99% of rural areas use electricity.

He went on to say that providing the rural areas with basic opportunities including, water, electricity, education, roads, telecommunications, and gas is necessary.

President Rouhani further noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran is capable of constructing one reservoir dam every 50 days and connecting 30 villages to a safe and sustainable water network every week.

Noting that US strategies against Iran have failed, the President also said that the country is under pressure due to sanctions and every effort will be made to foil US plots against the Islamic Republic.

Referring to US failure in UNSC to extend Iran’s Arms Embargo, he emphasized, “The US has suffered great political defeat in recent weeks, and this was unprecedented in the history of the US and the United Nations.”

Source: Mehr News Agency


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