Enemy Threats Should Be Countered from Origin: Leader’s Adviser

Iran’s armed forces should tackle possible threats against the country right from where they originate, a senior military adviser to Supreme Leader said.

“Possible naval threats against Iran could originate from the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, the Sea of Oman and the Persian Gulf and the Armed Forces (of Iran) should target (any) potential threats and adventurism of the enemies right from their origin,” Major General Seyed Yahya Rahim Safavi said on Thursday during a visit to the First Naval Zone of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army in the Persian Gulf.
He underlined, though, that the ultra-regional enemies realize that in the wake of their defeats in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Gaza Strip, the Islamic Republic has become stronger while they have grown weaker.
While American officials have time and again repeated the idea of using military option against Iran, Iranian high-ranking officials and military commanders have reiterated that Tehran’s response to any aggression would be so crushing that the enemy would regret it.
The Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly stated that its military might is defensive in nature and poses no threat to other countries.


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