Bahrain al Khalifa regime hired Ansarul Furqan for terror attacks in Iran

Bahraini al Khalifa monarchy hired Ansarul Furqan for terror attacks in Iran. Al Jazeera aired a classified video clip of Hosham Baluchi, head of that group confessing Bahraini patronage.
Most importantly, Qatari TV channel Aljazeera broadcast a documentary titled “Players with Fire,” including classified videotape of Hosham Baluchi.
Furthermore, Hosham said government of Bahrain had hired him in 2006 to do espionage and other operations in Iran.
Moreover, the short video clip said that that Bahrain had supported Jondullah terror group as well.
However, in a part of the videotape, Baluchi also worried that al-Khalifa might decide to eliminate him because of the secrets he knew. Finally he lost life in 2015.
Meanwhile, the documentary also shows confession of Mohammad Saleh, head of al-Qaeda in Bahrain.
He confessed that the security officials of Bahrain wanted him in 2003 to assassinate the Shia dissidents of the rulers, including Abdulwahhab Hussein.

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