HR activist: Authorities at Bahrain’s Jaw prison deprive detainees of adequate food

Prominent Bahraini human rights campaigner Ebtisam al-Saegh accused authorities at Bahrain’s Jaw Prison of violating the rights of detainees by failing to provide them with adequate food.

Al-Saegh shared testimony by the mother of Bahraini detainee Mohammed Al-Shamali in which she recalled a recent conversation with her son.

According to Al-Shamali, who was jailed and tortured as part of Manama’s clampdown on dissent, the food being provided at Jaw is “very bad” while the quantities are “not enough”.

“It is painful for our children to be subjected to all this and their right to adequate food is being targeted. What is the cause of this cruelty, and is it legal?” Al-Shamali’s mother asked.

Allegations of abuse are frequently circulated about Bahraini prisons. These include denying political prisoners access to desperately needed medical care, confiscating their belongings, and even depriving them of drinking water.


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