Bahrain regime arrests woman during dawn house raid

bahrain women arestThe regime in Bahrain is again conducting outrageous house raids and barbarically arresting women at dawn without any moral, religious, lawful or humanitarian deterrent whatsoever, as part of its aggressive behavior against the people. This proves that the regime is intolerant and cannot coexist with its own people

The regime force have raided a house in Al-Guraifa village, east of the capital Manama, at the dawn of Wednesday, and brutally arrested a young woman in her twenties after vandalizing the properties in the house and terrifying the households. The regime forces were also reported to have confiscated some devices, mobiles and belongings in the house.

Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society described the raid during which the area was besieged to arrest a 27 year old woman, Munira al-Sayed Habib, as brutal behavior.
Al-Wefaq stated that such aggressive vandalizing behavior does not represent a regime but a terrorist militias’ behavior to terrify people as it cannot be acted by forces of a regime that respects its own people.

Al-Wefaq clarified that the situation in Bahrain is witnessing a wave of security escalation that is undertaken by the repressive regime which is obviously implementing commands from high security figures. This proves that what is happening and what will happen can only be recognized as systematic violations planned by high ranked officials, after days of the first anniversary of the BICI report without implementing its recommendations including holding human rights abusers accountable, even if they held high ranked posts, this is one of the most important recommendations that the regime failed to implement.

Al-Wefaq stressed that the ongoing illegal inhuman house raids at night and near dawn indicate that the security mentality of the regime forces is dominated by an aggressive mentality against the people.
The arrest of Munira comes after the arrest of Layla Abdullah Kadhim, a grandmother behind bars for reasons relating to freedom of expression. While the court has decided to keep in detention Masouma al-Sayed, who was arrested for demonstrating and demanding rights.


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