Bahrain’s Al-Wefaq Condemn Terrorist Bombing in Sayeda Zeinab Area in Damascus

The main opposition group in Bahrain Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society denounced the “terrorist act and brutal crime committed by terrorists in the Sayeda Zeinab area in the Syrian capital Damascus, leaving dozens killed and injured.”

Al-Wefaq stressed that “this crime targets a sacred site where lies the shrine of Prophet Muhammad’s granddaughter Sayed Zeinab,” adding that this attack “reveals the fall of morals and a blatant violation of Islamic principles and assault on the true religion of Islam.”

Al-Wefaq further stated that the bombing is an extremely heinous and brutal terrorist act that goes against humanity. This only shows how important fighting terrorism on all levels is, and how significant is clearing school curricula, media and religious platforms from anything that supports terrorism and strengthens it.”


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