Sheikh Hasan Isa is innocent, measures taken against him violate national and int’l law

Al Wefaq National Islamic Society said the Interior Ministry’s statement about Sheikh Hasan Isa, cleric and former MP, is void under the provisions of the law. Sheikh Hasan Isa is innocent from these accusations and the measures taken against him violate the national and international law.

The language of the Interior Ministry’s statement does not go in line with the nature of its responsibility and lacks the basic requirements and measures stated in the constitution and national law.

Al Wefaq’s leaders and members adhere to its nonviolent methodology that has been clearly demonstrated through its stances, actions and statements and there is no need to prove this every single day. The attempts made to label Al Wefaq’s leaders and activities with anything other than this is absolute nonsense.

Sheikh Hasan Isa is a known advocate for peaceful movement. Accusing him of funding suspects of terrorism is absolutely void and raises disgust and amusement at the same time. His behavior, methodology and political role show that these accusations are baseless. Nonetheless, the authorities in Bahrain make laws to criminalize and prohibit such peaceful political activism.


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