Bahraini revolutionary cleric’s reaction to king’s remarks about Muharram mourning

Sheikh Hussein Al-Haddad, a Bahraini revolutionary cleric, reacted to remarks by the Bahraini king who said after the Ashura ceremony that Muharram mourning ceremonies has been held successfully.

Sheikh Hussein Al-Haddad, one of Bahrain’s revolutionary clerics, criticized the King of Bahrain’s remarks after the Ashura ceremony that Muharram mourning was successful, and revealed the truth about the King of Bahrain’s oversight of the Bahraini mourning ceremony. Pointing out that Imam Hussain (A.S) was a messenger for the whole world, he said: “The one who successfully established mourning groups and delegations in Bahrain is not the Al-Khalifa regime, but these are the Bahraini youth who hold Ashura mourning ceremonies every year and they did not listen to what the regime said, but listened to the orders of the delegations, Hussainiyahs and mourning ceremonies.”

Sheikh Al-Haddad stated: The mourning processions left and the mourning ceremony continued and the Hussaini delegations presented the Bahraini regime with a fait accompli. Who attended the mourning ceremonies? Who entered the Hossainiyahs to carry out health instructions and social distancing? The Al-Khalifa regime only monitors intelligence and security, but those who supervised these delegations and the Hussainiyahs were the Bahraini youth. The king of Bahrain, Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa, claimed that this year’s mourning ceremony was held with care, diligence and success, which reflects the cohesive social nature of Bahrain.

He thanked the Jafari Endowment Office and the leaders of the processions for implementing the precautionary instructions, claiming that Bahrain is a model for religious freedom and respect for different religions.
However, the King of Bahrain did not say that this year, under the pretext of countering the outbreak of the Coronavirus, he imposed official restrictions on the establishment of Hussaini rites in Bahrain, while many processions were ready to implement precautionary instructions among Hussaini mourners.

The King of Bahrain forgot that the Bahraini authorities had banned mourning in the Hussainiyahs and limited the ceremony to 20 minutes. The Shia Muslims in response to the advice of Bahrain’s great scholars, especially Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim, the Leader of the country’s Shia Muslims, insisted on reviving mourning ceremonies in the streets and outside the Hussainiyahs.

Bahraini security officials’ measures against Hussaini’s rites have not changed from last year, when they collected Hussaini posters and flags, closed some mosques to prevent mourning, and summoned Shia Muslims for raising Hussaini flags on the roof of their houses.

(Shafaqna news)


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