Bahraini Women’s Day comes while Bahraini women and mothers are imprisoned

The Supreme Council for Women, which is headed by the King of Bahrain’s wife, Sabika bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, called December 1 as Bahraini Women’s Day. This day is celebrated by government institutions based on official instructions, the Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society said.

The society added: “Bahraini Women’s Day comes this year while Bahraini women and mothers are imprisoned in the Bahraini regime’s prisons, and they are subjected to humiliation, torture and severe harassment. The Bahraini regime’s prisons have been teeming with hundreds of political prisoners since 2011. A number of female prisoners are still in prison and are subject to illegal and inhuman trials.”

“Institutions concerned with women try to escape this bitter reality regarding the existence of female prisoners of conscience, who were detained for petty reasons in light of the harassment and prosecution of all those who demand democracy and the need for a peaceful transfer of power as an alternative to tyranny, oppression, repression and plundering of public funds and wealth,” it further stated.

Al-Wefaq reiterated its calls to immediately release of the innocent female prisoners: Madina Ali, Amal Ali, Zakia al-Barbouri, Hajar Mansour, Fatima Ali, and Iman Ali. It also demands to stop targeting Bahraini women and violating their dignity because it contradicts Islamic ideals and national and human values.

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