Indian Religious Scholar says Iran honours human rights

syed jalal“Being an Islamic Government, Iran gives respects to human values and also honours human rights,ˈ said an Indian religious scholar Tuesday in New Delhi.

In an exclusive interview with IRNA, Maulana Syed Jalal Haider Naqvi, President of Shaheed Mottahhari Society in New Delhi said: “The recent report issued on Iran by the United Nations Human Rights Rapporteur is politically motivated propaganda”.

He said that the report by the UN Human Rights Council against Iran is ˈuncalled forˈ and the world body was not expected to act on the behest of the enemies of Iran.

Criticizing the West’s interpretation of human rights as an instrument to achieve its vested goals against other countries, Jalal Haider, who is also the Joint Secretary of the Majlis Ulema-e-Hind, maintained that Iran has the best human rights record. This is because Iran’s Government is based on Islamic tenets and the structure of Islam proposes for the society of the faithful is among the most important cultural elements of Islam and is the most effective support for human values, noted the religious scholar.

He further noted that human rights are at the very heart of Iran’s domestic and foreign policy. It also honour those who defend human rights around the world. “Based on the Islamic tenets and under the guidelines of Imam Khomeini (R.A.), Iran could not be the violator of human rights,” added Jalal.

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