Afghan ministry: Over 400 Taliban leaders killed in past 9 months

The ministry’s spokesman Sediq Sediqi said the Minister of Interior Taj Mohammad Jahid praised the Special Operations Forces of the Afghan National Police during an event in Kabul.

Jahid has said the ongoing violence in Afghanistan is not having roots to insurgency led by Taliban and ISIL terrorists loyalists.

He said the Afghan nation is facing a major undeclared war but insisted that the Afghan people have never surrendered to oppression.

Jahid further added that the enemies of the country have done all they could do to kill the Afghan people in the past 16 years.

According to Jahid, the enemies of the country were looking to take control of the major parts of the country and close the highways for the traffic and passengers but they continuously failed in their attempts.

The remarks by Jahid calling the ongoing violence in the country an undeclared war came as the Afghan officials have long been emphasizing that the insurgency in Afghanistan has external roots.

The officials are saying that the leadership councils of the militant groups are based outside the country from where they plan and coordinate attacks in Afghanistan with the help of the regional spy agencies.


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