Taliban desecration of Shia Hussainiyah and Mosque

A video has been published online showing Taliban forces in a state of joy and playing music in a Shia Mosque in Balkhab.

After the attack on the Shia city of Balkhab in northern Afghanistan, which led to the martyrdom of dozens of people and the displacement of hundreds of families, the Taliban has deployed many forces to suppress the people in Balkhab.

Contrary to the statements of Taliban officials, this group’s dealings with other non-Pashtun ethnic groups have been very harsh and nasty.

The Taliban in Balkhab are not giving up their efforts to weaken the spirit of Hazara Shia Muslims. In his latest action, they played music from the loudspeakers of Hazare Shia Hussainiyah and Mosque. The abusive and disrespectful behavior of this group towards other ethnic groups and religious minorities is expanding every day.

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