Beijing: US persecutes Chinese researchers, students

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman strongly criticized the US for deliberately detaining and harassing Chinese students and researchers.

Wang Wenbin noted on Monday that the US, out of its ideologic bias, harasses and arrests the Chinese university students and researchers.

Wang called the US as the serious violator of the legitimate rights and interests of the Chinese residents and disrupter of cultural and academic exchanges between China and the US.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman made the remarks after the US opposed the release of a Chinese researcher accused of having links with the Chinese army and government.

In recent months, the US has repeatedly accused Chinese individuals and companies, including Huawei, the world’s largest telecommunications company, of spying for the Chinese government; an accusation that Beijing has categorically repudiated.

Since taking office as the US President, Donald Trump has taken a pugnacious approach toward Chinas as of January 2017.

Rising tariffs and trade wars, imposing sanctions on major Chinese companies including Huawei, strengthening cooperation with Taiwan, the extensive presence of US ships in the South China Sea, ranting against Beijing over the coronavirus and the closure of the Chinese consulate in Houston, Texas, are the White House’s latest efforts to increase pressure on Beijing.


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