Hujr bin Adi al-Kindi: The Great Martyr

adiHe was known as Hujr al-Khayr. His Kunya was Abu Abd al Rahman b. Adi b. al-Harth b. Amr b. Hujr. He was given the nickname (i.e., laqab) of Akil al-Mirar. He was the king of the Kindis. It was said that he was the son of Adi b. Mu’awiya b. Jubla b. Adi b. Rabi’a b. Mu’awiya al-Akramin. He belonged to Kinda.

Hujr was a notable companion from the Companions of Ali and his son al-Hasan, peace be on them. He was a lord from the lords of the Muslims in Kufa.

Hujr and his brother Hani’ b. Adi came to the Prophet, may Allah bless him and his family. In his book Al-Isti’ab’, b. Abd al-Bir al Maliki said: “Hujr was among the excellent Companions, and his age was less than their old ones.” In his book Asad al-Ghaba fi Tamyiz al-Sahaba’, Ibn al-Athir has mentioned him with words similar to these ones. In his book Al-Mustadrak’, al-Hakim has described him as: “the monk of the Companions of Muhammad, may Allah bless him and his family.”

Hujr worshipped (Allah) to the extent that when he made ritual impurity, he performed the ritual ablution; when he performed the ritual ablution, he prayed. He performed one thousand rak`as a day. His religious piety was apparent, and his supplication was accepted. He was among the chosen reliable figures. He preferred the hereafter to the life in this world to the extent that he subjected his life to killing, refusing to renounce his Imam. He had a high social position.

Hujr was in the army that conquered Sham (Syria), and in the army that conquered Qadisiya ( a city in Iraq). He took part in the Battle of the Camel headed by Ali. He was the commander of Kinda at the Battle of Siffin, and the commander of the left wing of the army at the Battle of al-Nahrwan. He was the brave man who defeated al-Dahhak b. Qays in the western part of Tadmur. It was he who said: “We are the children of war and appropriate for it. We start it and end it. We have known it (i.e., war) and it has known us.”

Hujr was the first patient martyr in Islam.

Mu’awiya b. Abu Sufyan killed Hujr and six of his companions at Marj Athra’ twelve miles away from Damascus in the year 51 A.H. Up till now, Hujr’s grave is apparent and famous. There is a firm dome on it. Old marks can be seen on the dome that is beside a wide mosque. Hujr’s companions who were killed with him are in his shrine. We will mention them one by one.

Ziyad b. Abih demolished Hujr’s house in Kufa.

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