First Shia Geopolitics Conference to Discuss Role of Shiites in Reviving Muslims’ Dignity, Identity

One of the objectives of the first conference on “Shia Geopolitics” is discussing the role of Shi’ites in reviving conferancthe identity and dignity of Muslims.

One of the objectives of the first conference on “Shia Geopolitics” is discussing the role of Shi’ites in reviving the identity and dignity of Muslims.

This is according to Mohammad Reza Hafeznia, secretary of the first “Shia Geopolitics” conference and president of Iran’s Geopolitics Society, who, speaking in a press conference on Wednesday, added that the conference will also feature discussions on how Shi’ites can maintain their role in upholding Islamic identity.

He said Shi’ism is a multi-dimensional phenomenon each of whose aspects can be the subject of a separate field of knowledge.

Shi’ism went political within the framework of the Islamic Revolution, he stated, adding that the Islamic Revolution was the manifestation of Shia becoming a political force in the 20th century.

Hafeznia noted, however, that the Islamic Revolution’s concern from the beginning was nit Shi’ites only but the entire Muslim world.

In the discourse of the Islamic Revolution and its formal documents such as the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Shia Islam is the starting point to reach Islamic dignity, he said.

Referring to the first conference on “Shia Geopolitics”, Hafeznia said it seeks, among other things, to serve as a venue for Shi’ites themselves to study Shi’ism.

Another goal of the conference is to identify the potentials and challenges before Shi’ites so that they can play their role as an awareness-giving force and mobilize the Muslim world against the domineering system.

Also speaking at the press conference was Seyyed Abbas Ahmadi, secretary general of the first “Shia Geopolitics” conference. He said 320 abstract papers have been submitted to the secretariat of which 270 were accepted.

He added that great scholars and thinkers including Ayatollah Akhtari, Ayatollah A’rafi, Rasoul Jafarian, and Seyyed Yahya Rahim Safavi will take part in the conference, which is slated for Tuesday and Wednesday, November 6-7.

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