Hazrat Abu Talib(a.s.) “ Mohsin-e-Islam”

Hazrat Abu Talib(a.s.) was the uncle of our beloved Prophet Mohammad(sawaw) who took the responsibility of bringing up and nurturing the holy Prophet(sawaw). Right from the beginning, he protected the Prophet with all his energy. He was also the father of Imam Ali(a.s.).

In Sura waz-Zuha, Allah(swt) says: “Alam yajidka yateeman fa aawa” – “Did he not find you orphan and give you shelter?” (93,6). In major  tafaseer of both Shia and Sunni ulemas, it is stated that this ayat refers to the protection and shelter provided by Hazrat Abu Talib(a.s.) when the Prophet became an orphan. Thus, this act of Hazrat Abu Talib(a.s.) was called by Allah(swt) His(swt) own act.

After the famous incident when Prophet Mohammad(sawaw) refused the offers of money, marriage and status from the Mushrikeen-e-Makkah, Hazrat Abu Talib(a.s.) gave his full support to the Prophet(sawaw) and provided him protection in that delicate era of Islam.

During the most troublesome days of Shaib Abi Talib, Hazart Abu Talib(a.s.) led the Quraish into isolation upon social boycott by the Mushrakeen-e-Makkah. During those three years, he used to place his sons in sleeping place of Prophet Mohammad(sawaw) during the night so that if there was an attack then his sons would be killed but the Prophet of Islam would be saved.
Hazrat Abu Talib(a.s.) – Momin-e-Quraish

Some people object that Hazrat Abu Talib(a.s.) never accepted Islam and never recited Kalma. Their  comments are amazing ,since they themselves never recited Kalma to become Muslims. Those born in Muslim families do not need to recite Kalma to become Muslims. There are no traditions in my knowledge that Imam Ali(a.s.) ever recited Kalma to become a Muslim. The one who has been a non-Muslim before really needs to recite Kalma to become a Muslim.

Now consider the following:-

– Hazrat Abu Talib(a.s.) was the one who hosted the first dawah of Islam in his house – Dawat Zul Asheera. All the Dawahs hosted by any muslim now a days are in fact Sunnat of Hazrat Abu Talib(a.s.).

– He was the one who arranged the marriage of Prophet Mohammad (sawaw) with Hazrat Khadija (a.s.).

– He was the one who recited the Nikah of the Holy Prophet(sawaw) and that Nikah started with Hamd of Allah(swt) and praise for His Prophet(sawaw). It also referred to the Prophet-hood of Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s.), the Holy books sent by Allah (swt) and all praise to Allah(swt) to have ordained Hazrat Abu Talib (a.s.) in the progeny of Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s.).

Just a word of thought for the objectionist – if Hazrat Abu Talib(a.s.) was not a muslim then how did Prophet Mohammad (sawaw) accept a Mushrik (Naozo billah) to recite his Nikah and even if it were so, why don’t the objectionists follow this Sunnat of the Holy Prophet(saw) now.

– He was the one who paid the Mehr of Hazrat Khadija on behalf of Prophet Mohammad(sawaw).

– According to Quranic instruction, a Muslim women cannot remain in the Nikah of a non-Muslim after accepting Islam neither can live with a non-Muslim. Hazrat Bibi Fatima bint-e-Asad remained in the Nikah of Hazrat Abu Talib(a.s.) until his death.

Another word of thought for the objectionist: It is accepted by all sects that Hazrat Bibi Fatima bint-e-Asad had accepted Islam so how did the Prophet(bpuh&hf) allow her to stay with Hazrat Abu Talib(a.s.)?

– As  stated above, Allah(swt) calls the protection of Hazrat Abu Talib(a.s.) as His(swt) own protection. In the entire Quran there is not one mention of any act of a Mushrik that Allah(swt) has called His own act.

– Finally, Prophet Mohammad(sawaw) has stated in a hadith that on the day of judgment the one who raises an orphan will be together with me in the heaven as these two fingers are (pointing to his two fingers). Now where would be the one who raised the orphan who became the Prophet of Islam?

Aam-ul-Huzn  Hazrat Khadija(a.s.) and Hazrat Abu Talib(a.s.) died in the same year and the Prophet Mohammad(sawaw) was so saddened by their demise that he declared the year as Aam-ul-Huzn – the year of mourning.

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