Candle lighting ceremony was held to show solidarity with martyrs of Palestine

Shiite News: A candle lighting ceremony was organized in front of the Karachi Press Club to show solidarity with the martyrs of Palestine under the auspices of Hamiyan-e-Mazloumin Palestine Pakistan in Shahr Quaid.

Maulana Dr. Aqeel Musa, Maulana Syed Haider Abbas Abidi, Maulana Syed Sadiq Raza Taqvi and other scholars participated and addressed on the occasion of Chiraghan (lighting).

On the occasion of Chiraghan, people from different walks of life, including scholars, lit candles in memory of Palestinian martyrs.

The scholars said that on the one hand, the blood of innocent children, women, elderly and young people is being shed in Gaza, and on the other hand, dance programs are being held in Saudi Arabia.

The scholars appealed to the entire Muslim Ummah, including Pakistan, and said that the complete boycott of the products of Zionist Israel and its follower countries should be continued until the destruction of Israel.

The scholars also announced a unique and grand protest in Nishtar Park Karachi on October 19, in which thousands of Karachiites will renew their commitment with more than five thousand innocent martyred children of Gaza.

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