Muslims need to unite against Israel, Allama Ijaz Behishti

Shiite News: Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen Pakistan Central Deputy General Secretary Allama Ijaz Hussain Behshti said in a statement against the recent attacks by the usurping Israelis in Palestine that Muslims should unite against Israel and stand with the oppressed Palestinians.

In this month of Ramazan, Palestinian Muslims are facing Israeli atrocities while fasting, at this time the OIC, including Pakistan, should respond immediately.

Allama Ejaz Behashti further said that on one hand, the Zionist usurpers are oppressing the Palestinians, the First Qibla is being desecrated and on the other hand, our betrayer busy increasing ceremonies and trade relations with Israel.

We strongly condemn any ceremony of Pakistan with Israel and consider this action against the ideology of the leader and the ideology of Pakistan. Therefore, the government should consciously play its role in supporting the Palestinians.

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