Resistance not supported by anyone except Iran, Syria: Nasrallah

Our support for the candidacy of President Michel Aoun in the past presidential elections was not due to an item present in the Mar Mikhael understanding, and it is not a requirement for the understanding, the Secretary General of Lebanese Hezbollah Resistance Movement said.

Speaking in a ceremony honoring the disabled veterans and prisoners of Resistance in Beirute, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah added: “I told Bassil that Hezbollah sees you personally and former Minister Suleiman Franjieh as candidates for the presidency.”

Lebanon needs calm, dialogue, and communication, otherwise, we have to live with the presidential vacuum, he said, adding,”In Hezbollah, people are keen on this understanding, and we are keen on this understanding, friendship, and relationship with the Free Patriotic Movement, and Lebanon is in dire need of expanding relations.”
Parts of his speech are as follows:

Our support for the candidacy of President Michel Aoun in the past presidential elections was not due to an item present in the Mar Mikhael understanding, and it is not a requirement for the understanding. Our alliance and understanding do not oblige them to elect the Speaker of the House of Representatives whom we want. The same applies to the presidential or governmental file that obliges the other to agree on the name of the President of the Republic, the President of the Council, or the Prime Minister.

Since the signing of the understanding on February 6, 2006, we have been keen on this understanding and we are still, but this understanding did not turn us into one party, rather we are still two parties, and there is nothing in the understanding

The natural candidate that Hezbollah supports in the presidential elections, and we consider that the characteristics that we take into account exist in his person, and he is Suleiman Franjieh.

When we write the name of a candidate on a paper, we make a serious commitment and do not engage in maneuvers, waste time, or withdraw the names of our candidates.

We agreed, after discussion with MP Basil, to discuss a relationship In the last meeting that took place between a leadership delegation from Hezbollah and the EPM, we proposed that we present a list, and within this list is the name of Suleiman Franjieh.

There was a session with the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Representative Gebran Bassil, and I told him the specifications that Hezbollah wants in the president, and I told him that these specifications exist in you, the head of the Marada Movement

We started a dialogue with our allies to support a presidential candidate, and we reached the results.

Former President Michel Aoun was not a candidate for Hezbollah. Rather, we supported who is the natural candidate

For us, we do not have such a thing as a Hezbollah candidate. What we have is a candidate supported by Hezbollah

First, we say this is your natural right, but what was forbidden and condemned in the past has become obligatory now, and so we will have two options: go to the House of Representatives and disrupt the sessions, or announce each group to its candidate

On the point of disrupting the quorum, we were previously accused of disrupting the quorum, and today we hear from the leaders of parliamentary blocs and political elites that if the presidential candidate is from the opposition axis, we will disrupt the session

The solution to the Yemen issue is in the hands of the Yemenis and the “AnsarAllah” leadership Let’s say, let’s give this presidential election a full internal dimension

The Iranian nuclear file has nothing to do with anything else in the region, and whoever waits for an Iranian-American settlement will wait 100 years, and whoever waits for an Iranian-Saudi settlement will wait a long time.

Instead, we work tirelessly day and night to ensure the election of the president takes place as soon as possible.

Our decision lies in our hands. We have the freedom to choose and nominate our preferred candidate, without waiting for external factors to influence us. We do not rely on regional conditions or settlements in the region.

As for our friends, Iran and Syria have not and will not interfere in the presidential elections.

We reject any external attempts to impose a president on Lebanon or veto any candidate, regardless of whether we support or reject them. However, we welcome any assistance in bridging differences in opinions and viewpoints

We are committed to a two-thirds quorum in electing the president in the first and second rounds

Your bets are lost, your options are failed, and the peoples in the region have the strength and awareness to know their strengths. Regarding the presidential file, we want to elect a president categorically & definitely, and we do not want a vacuum

Today they want to rob us of this power through assassination, defamation, inciting international public opinion against us, starvation, and pushing towards chaos, and we have not and will not surrender, and we have our options.

We will not give up a grain of soil from our land or a drop of water from our waters, and all of this will be because of the power equation that we have.

We do not feel disappointment or regret, and what happened in the matter of border demarcation is a historic and important achievement

We are not looking for something called American satisfaction, and I say that in any position we take or action, we take when we feel American satisfaction, we question its validity.

We are on the issue of demarcating maritime borders, oil, and gas. There is a demarcation of the maritime borders and the right of Lebanon to extract oil and gas, and these are the limits of the issue for us.

During the July war, had the enemy succeeded in the ground battle and if their battle strategy had been successful, it is estimated that between 80 to 100 thousand Zionist soldiers would have entered Lebanon

This equation was made by our people, our wounded, our families, and our martyrs. This deterrent force was not supported by anyone except Iran and Syria and all because of the deterrent equation, which is “the people, the army, and the resistance.” This equation protects our borders, land, and sea today, and it will protect the oil wells later.

The Zionist is accustomed to killing, bombing, & injuring without deterrence, but today, at a short distance, it confronts civilians & soldiers of the Lebanese army, threatening to withdraw, and pointing weapons at it, yet the enemy does not dare to open fire,

They have been showing their weapons and preventing the Israeli army from expanding any further. Could this have happened had it not been for the existence of a real deterrence equation in Lebanon?

For days and weeks, the Israeli army has been attempting to extend its borders by a few meters. However, unarmed Lebanese youth and civilians have been standing bravely and fearlessly in front of heavily armed Israeli soldiers until the arrival of the Lebanese army.

We do not need new evidence & witnesses of the brutality of the Zionists when we talk about what happened in the town of #Hawara and the suffering of the Palestinian people in the West Bank, but we say to the world that this is the truth of the settlers & the Zionists.

The enemy believes that threatening prisoners with execution will deter them from undertaking operations, but in reality, such laws only increase the faith, courage, and willingness of Palestinian youth to carry out operations. Therefore, this measure is foolish

Anything that happens to the enemy entity can be seen as an indicator of its eventual end.

The Lebanese people are more aware than the peoples of the world of the suffering of the Palestinian people

We also evoke, on Prisoners’ Day, the credibility of the resistance, which said, “We are a people who do not leave our prisoners in prisons.” There are missing prisoners, and we have not and will not abandon them at all.

We must evoke the suffering of the families of the prisoners who were waiting for their return & suffered for many years without any information or news about them. This is one of the grievances of the prisoners in the prisons, especially in the Khiam detention center.

Many of these prisoners, when they were released from prison, returned to the battlefields, and among them, they received the Medal of Martyrdom. We mention the martyred commander Samir Kuntar and the martyr Fawzi Ayoub remember the martyrs who died under torture in detention centers.

Our prisoners who were captured on the battlefields or who were arrested because of their relationship with the resistance died. We must remember their suffering as they were subjected to brutal torture at the hands of the Zionists & their atheistic agents, & we must

We especially mention the wives of the wounded, who are fighters and dear ones, and they have a status with God Almighty

I say to the Lebanese people that the wounds of those wounded must be a clear message & an argument that the achievements that have been achieved through sacrifices have not ended with their consequences, as well as the prisoners whose families have left diseases and consequences

My wounded brothers, male and female, whatever you suffer from the consequences of your wounds will be written for you as a “Jihad” in the way of God Almighty.

the Secretary General of Lebanese Hezbollah Resistance Movement: “Our wounded, from the beginning, carried their blood on their hands, bore the burdens of fighting, faced all dangers, and were always in the positions of fighting and jihad, looking forward to one of the two good ones, victory or martyrdom.”


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