Sheikh Mohsin inaugurates Pakistan International University on birth anniversary of Bab-ul-Ilam Ali (AS).

Shiite News: The construction phase of the Pakistan International University (PIU) has been started in order to equip the youth of the nation with the best education and to provide them with better opportunities to acquire knowledge.

On the occasion of the birthday of Ameer ul Momineen Ali Ibn Abi Talib (AS), a wonderful and dignified ceremony was organized in the premises of University.

In a dignified ceremony held on this occasion, the speakers expressed their views and paid great tribute to Mohsin Millat, Qur’an commentator Allama Sheikh Mohsin Ali Najafi Madzala Al-Ali for this historic initiative.
They said that this initiative expressed the patriotism, high vision of broad-mindedness, understanding and friendship of Sheikh Mohsin.

During the ceremony, Mumtaz Rizvi, member of the governing body and Allama Anwar Ali Najafi Qibla, in their speeches, outlined the aims and objectives of the establishment of the university and its future.

It should be remembered that Mohsin Millat, Qur’an commentator Allama Sheikh Mohsin Ali Najafi Madzala, Allama Sheikh Anwar Ali Najafi and other scholars, prominent educationists, heads and teachers of various educational institutions also participated in this prestigious and memorable event.

While the members of the Board of Governors and members of the Jabir bin Hayyan Trust also graced the ceremony.

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