Fire guts refugee tents in Yemen’s Hudaydah

A fire swept through dozens of refugee tents in Yemen’s western province of al-Hudaydah on Saturday, according to local authorities.

A statement by the provincial authority said the blaze broke out in a refugee camp in the town of Al-Khukha, south of Al-Hudaydah.

No injuries were reported.

The cause of the fire remains unclear.

According to the statement, the fire has caused to displace around 100 families in the camp.

Saudi Arabia, in the form of a coalition of several Arab countries, including the UAE, and with the help and green light of the United States and the support of the Zionist regime, started large-scale attacks against Yemen – the poorest Arab country – from March 26, 2015.

After 8 years of invading Yemen and killing thousands of people and destroying the country’s infrastructure, these countries not only did not achieve their goals but were forced to accept a ceasefire after the Yemeni armed forces’ missiles and drones strike deep into their territory.

Thousands of Yemenis have been displaced from their homes since the outbreak of the 8-year conflict.

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