“Ghadeer to Zahoor” journey gives oppressed humanity the courage to live, Allama Shaheedi

Shiite News: Renowned Scholar Allama Amin Shaheedi has said that the theme of “Ghadeer to Zahoor” gives the oppressed humanity of today the courage to live and the passion to enter a bright future. The blessings of Allah were completed with the declaration of the Wilayat of Ali (A.S.) and Allah was pleased with Islam when, after the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the Wilayat of Ameerul Momineen Ali (A.S.) was accepted by Muslims.

He was addressing the conference titled “Ghadir se Zahoor tak” held under the auspices of Qur’an o Ahl al-Bayt Academy in Lahore, in which Haj Abuzar Ruhi, the creator of the popular anthem “Salam Farmanday”, especially participated.

Allama Amin Shahidi, head of Ummat-e-Wahidah Pakistan, attributed the plight of Muslims to the deprivation of Wilayat-e-Ali (a.s.) and said that the result of this deprivation is the oppression and persecution in today’s world, the overall humiliation of Muslims despite being more than one and a half billion in number but bowing down to Jews and Christians.

“However, Islam has enlightened a ray of hope in our hearts to get out of this humiliation, about which the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said that my son Mahdi will come in the end of the world. Mahdi-e-Dohran is “Baqiyatyllah”, who has been chosen by Allah, who after his appearance is to destroy the oppression and to emerge as the dawn of light for the world immersed in darkness and to take the world of humanity out of the oppression”, he maintained.

Paying homage to Haj Abuzar Ruhi, Allama Amin Shahidi said that we have witnessed the effect of the pledge of allegiance recited by Abuzar Ruhi in Arab and non-Arab countries. From Tunisia to other African countries and in the sub-continent and the Arab world, this is the anthem on the language of the young generation.

When we listen to this hymn, our eyes become tearful and our hearts connect with the authority of the times. In fact, Abuzar Ruhi did not recite the hymn Bayat by himself, but was taught to him. There are many hymns and chants, poems containing pledges of allegiance have also been recited by famous people, but the speech which is a special gift of the Imam Zamana AJTF which is famous among new generation. Pakistan or India, Iran or Lebanon, Yemen or Palestine, Bahrain or Iraq; You go to any part of the world, this anthem is famous.
Today, hearts are getting ready for this savior. In this regard, today’s gathering is historic. Such a large number of mothers, sisters, daughters, sons and brothers have gathered so that they can raise their hands for the pledge of allegiance to the Mahdi AJTFS.

Allama Amin Shaheedi, wrapping up the topic of conversation, said that the person who has the hope of the recurrence of Mahdi Muntazir (AS) in his heart, is not afraid of any arrogant. Every person who considers Mahdi Muntazir (A.S) as the authority of Allah in this world is not afraid of tyranny, nor does he shrink before oppression.

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