IRGC’s Noor-2 satellite releases image of fifth US Navy base

Noor-2′ Satellite launched by the IRGC Aerospace, recently released a new image of the fifth US Navy base in Bahrain.

Iranian Minister of Communications and Information Technology (ICT) Eissa Zarepour has released the first color video taken by the ‘Noor-2’ Satellite.

The new image taken by IRGC Aerospace’s satellite which was released from a distance of 500 km from the ground shows the fifth US Navy base in Bahrain.

The IRGC Aerospace launched the ‘Noor-2’ Satellite by the domestically-built launcher Qassed (messenger) on March 8, 2022, and placed it into orbit at an altitude of 500 km.

The mission of the satellite is reconnaissance, and it was placed in orbit after 480 seconds at a speed of 6.7 km/s.

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