US Senate Passes Motion Barring Removal of IRGC from ‘Terror List’

The US Senate voted on Wednesday in favor of a non-binding motion that would prohibit President Joe Biden’s administration from removing Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC) from its so-called ‘terror blacklist’.

The motion, which is purely symbolic, was introduced by Republican Sen. James Lankford and passed by a vote count of 62-33, had a surprisingly high amount of 16 Democrats in support.

Democrat Sen. Chris Coons, a close ally of Biden, said he backed the motion “in order to encourage the Biden administration’s negotiations to push for the strongest possible deal” addressing both Iran’s nuclear program and other activities, Israeli paper Haaretz reported.

Lankford’s proposal also called for any potential return to the JCPOA to address the “full range of Iran’s destabilizing activities, including the development of the means of delivery for such weapons, support for terrorism, and evasion of sanctions.”

The resolution prohibits the lifting of existing sanctions on the IRGC as well, according to Haaretz.

Source: Israeli media


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